Appartements exceptionnels et immobilier hors marché haut de gamme sur Paris


Immobilière Clément is a French real estate agency devoted to quality and Off-Market properties, mainly in the Paris and Cote d'Azur areas.
The agency's origins in this field go back only seven years but we have already acquired prominent expertise in a field in which clients demand complete privacy and anonymity.

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12. 08. 2013
Le charme discret de l'immobilier Hors-Marché de prestige

Si le concept de Hors marché ne signifie pas nécessairement immobilier haut de gamme il faut constater qu’il est très souvent associé à des produits, appartements ou hôtels particuliers, de prestige. En fait les deux principales raisons qui peuvent amener un vendeur à préférer le hors marché à la vitrine ou aux annonces sont la personnalité du bien vendu ou le caractère public exposé de son propriétaire.
Il est donc intéressant de fixer les limites qui rendent un bien immobilier exceptionnel et définir où se situe la frontière entre un appartement ordinaire et un appartement de prestige.

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12. 01. 2009
The 70 Billionaires at Davos

Davos is often criticized as a cabal of the global elite. But maybe it's time they got some populist credit: Only 70 of the 2,500 attendees are actual billionaire. The rest are merely powerful or millionaires. (...)

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18. 08. 2013
Don't confuse "Off Market" with "Off The Market"

Unfortunately even many real estate professionals confuse "off market" with "off the market."  Simply stated, "off the market" means that a property was for sale at one time but is no longer.  "Off market" means that the property is for sale, but the seller doesn't want to market the property publically or through traditional real estate marketing channels.  Although it's usually in the best interest of the seller to sell on the open market, there are reasons for selling off market and there are situations that might make an off market sale beneficial for seller and buyer.

John Souerbry

high end property to sell in total confidentiality




Some questions about the French "Off-Market"

Far from showcasing and advertising in prestigious magazines or on the Internet, "Off Market" real estate aims to be discrete, without advertisements, posters, and inopportune visits.
This is all the more exclusive as it indicates exceptional goods and targets customers particularly keen to maintain privacy, either as celebrities or for any other legitimate reason.

But this approach of the high-end real estate does put into question whether or not the customer will be satisfied.

From our point of view, the appropriate answers can be found here.

Quelques éléments de réponse s'imposent.

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12. 01. 2012
Selling off market or on : what's the difference ?

There are many ways to sell real estate today. The categories can range from open listings, exclusive listings, auctions, sealed bids, you name it. Lately, the news has been about "off market" transactions versus "market" transactions. Whatever method is used, it is generally done "on market" or 'off market." Here is a basic tip sheet to explain some of the pros and cons of each.

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