About Us

Specialists in Paris and Cote d'Azur Off-market real estate Immobilière Clement have access to a select number of properties, not advertised on the open market.
Immobilière Clement is independent and unbiased. It is composed of a team of 4 partners. We provide a personalised and efficient service to buyers and sellers for Off -Market assets using a powerful and discreet network.

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About the founder


Thierry L. Bouiges is the Founding Chair of the agency which he established in 2007. Born in 1951, he managed several R&D concerns in the fields of Human Resources and Real Estate before deciding to operate in the real estate field. He has developed a broad portfolio of clients, built over years of professional projects not only in France but also in the UK, Central Europe, Russia, the United States and India.

Holder of the professional certificate necessary to function in the real estate industry he has several years experience in searching for constructible lands on the outskirts of Paris. This has given him the skills and knowledge in arranging several million euro real estate transactions and in dealing with business confidentiality.

He holds a Degree in Engineering from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers (ENSAM - Lille-Paris, France) and is a former student of the IEP Paris (Political Sciences)

Why choose us ?

The culture of secrecy and effectiveness is not an end in itself but rather is instrumental in achieving a target that should be clearly defined: access to the global marketplace.

The market has changed and the tools to access it have also changed. Beyond its network, Immobiliere Clement has developed specific performance methods to reach this objective. Please contact us to learn more.